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Die After Sunset looks like Fortnite's roguelike cousin and you can try it now

Battle with hordes of cute but shadowy baddies

Fortnite may be many things now—from social deduction game to concert venue—but it isn't a roguelike. It isn't a roguelike, right? Well if it were, it probably look something like Die After Sunset, the upcoming run-based shooter. It challenges you to solve the mystery and survive the invasion of these unfairly cute little baddies called Murkors which have a nasty habit of getting scarier in low light. You can take a spin with Die After Sunset, which I will try very hard not to call Dead By Daylight, yourself during a free playtest week that's going on right now.

"Whilst adorable and clumsy in the light, Murkors transform into powerful beasts when in the shadows," explain developers Playstark. "As the sun sets in each stage, choose how to combat the enemy and use light to your advantage to keep those pesky Murkors under control! Do you cross that chasm engulfed in shadow? Or can we get a bit more light in here?"

You can spot a bit of that light and shadow play down here in its playtest trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoDie After Sunset - Demo Trailer

In addition to just shooting up those squishy little Murkors, you'll be hunting down loot and taking on quests before sunset hits and the boss arrives. Between runs you'll unlock new items, abilities, and playable characters.

Playstark are currently running a playtest for the first level of the game, out of the five or six eventual planned levels, which you can play over on Steam until August 30th.

Die After Sunset is approaching an early access launch, which they've laid out an initial roadmap for. Throughout early access Playstark will be adding new characters, quests, bosses, and eventually co-op multiplayer. They anticipate being in early access for around nine to twelve months.

Die After Sunset is still "coming soon" to early access on Steam. You've got another week, until August 30th, to take part in that playtest if you're keen to try your hand against the Murkors.

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