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Diegetic war wager Carrier Command 2 will have a VR mode

Let loose the prods of war

Just last week, I called Microprose's impressive looking Carrier Command 2 “The most VR game I’ve seen that’s not yet been confirmed for VR.” Well, they’ve made me look quite the fool by announcing that there will be a VR version of the first-person strategy game. Just like the main game, they're sticking you in the cockpit of a carrier with access to its vast array of weapons, but in VR you have to set plans and launch attacks with your wobbly VR pointer.

Cover image for YouTube videoCarrier Command 2 Trailer by MicroProse

Everything you do in the main game you can do in a headset. According to the Steam announcement: “In the VR edition, you can control all the same systems, vehicles, and controls, from the bridge of the ACC Epsilon Carrier. Use your VR controllers to move and interact with controls, and remote pilot vehicles. Use the holomap with 3D vision. Move around the bridge, use screens, staff the stations, take first person remote control. Play singleplayer, cooperative campaign and PvP multiplayer!”

The game uses in-world computer screens and switches to control your ship, so they'd already designed a lot of the elements that a VR player with a passion for prodding would approve of. Sure, there will probably be a few more accidental launches with the shaky pointer, but that’s where we are with VR. It’s the trade-off for being there, looking out of a window and seeing a distant explosion take out a key target.

I hope you’re not forced into remote piloting the smaller, speedier craft. I’ve had VR sickness before and it floored me for eight hours. The VR and pancake editions are cross-compatible, and I don't want to embarass myself by throwing up out of the carrier's window in front of my friends.

Though the VR version (or VRiant as I just made up) is a separate game, buying one version grants you access to both when it's released on Steam this summer.

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