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Twisted Metal Flashbacks With Car Shooter Diesel Guns

Cars, shoots and leaves

You know, we don’t get too many car shoots these days. We have car football and dino shoots and even shootsball. But we don’t have so many of the car shoots. There’s GRIP, which isn’t bad. But nothing like the old nonsense, you know, nothing like Twisted Met-- wait, what’s this? Why it’s a CAR SHOOTS.

Diesel Guns [official site] is an old-fashioned multiplayer blast 'n' drive. You tear around an open arena in a tiny toy-like deathmobile and launch explosives out of your headlights and such. Every weapon has four firing modes. So a mine can be deployed as a normal mine, or a homing mine, or a mine that can penetrate an energy shield, or a mine that is actually 10 mines in disguise and oh look at that you are dead. What’s more, if you hit the handbrake when you’re in mid-air your car will slam down with a big shockwave, damaging all the other death cars nearby. Here’s some of it in action.

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"Like in classic shooter games 'Quake' and 'Unreal Tournament' you should explore characteristics of the battle arena," the developers say, "and be acutely aware of the place where valuable bonuses and weapons are."

Seems pretty shooty. I especially enjoy the gun that fires blue stickies that explode after a bit, and the one that goes up in the air and rains down on y'all. I'm often sorry racers and other car shoots never get too creative with their weapons. Where is the Ratchet & Clank of car games? Where is the pick up that discards all your car doors and turns them into parasitic spiders that seek out and psychologically disturb your opponents? WHERE ARE THEY?

Maybe the next car shoots will have them. Until then, if you like the look of Diesel Guns, you can download a demo, and if you like the feel of it the developers are collecting cash with an IndieGoGo campaign.

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