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DIG: Deep In Galaxies looks like Caveblazers crossed with Broforce

In space with a grappling hook and couch co-op

I already spend a sizeable portion of my gaming time dying in roguelike platformers, and the Steam Deck has only made things worse. Now here comes DIG - Deep In Galaxies, a roguelike platformer that looks like a cross between Noita, Caveblazers and Broforce, with cosmic scale, destructible levels, double jump, a grappling hook and co-op. I'm powerless to resist.

Here's the release date trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoDIG - Deep In Galaxies | Announcement Trailer | Wishlist Now!

I loved Noita but eventually stalled on it because it felt like it required thought and research in order to get better at it. DIG looks more twitchy, where progress seems defined by better dodging, better aiming, and eventually turning yourself into a rolling mass of destruction.

The DIG Steam page brags about it having nine character classes, 200 items, and 180 abilities with which to tear through destructible procedural levels. In between those levels, you'll travel between planets on a spaceship, with some combat and mysteries to unravel across the galaxy.

This is the first time I've heard of it, but DIG was briefly released into Steam Early Access back in October 2021. It was then removed from sale when developers Molton Studio signed with publisher Raiser Games. Once they had an agreed development roadmap, they announced they had "halted purchasing at this time because we believe it is the best option for all the players until all the changes are implemented." Those who had already bought the game were able to keep playing as Deep In Galaxies was updated.

For everyone else, DIG will release in 1.0 on February 16th. The only thing I don't like about what I've seen so far is that it's called DIG - Deep In Galaxies, and DIG is seemingly an acronym for Deep In Galaxies... which means its name is Deep In Galaxies: Deep In Galaxies.

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