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Dive! Dive! Dive! Diluvion surfacing in February

Strange seas

"Get in the 'flipping' sea!" some folks in 2015 would shout, because they'd seen someone funnier than themselves do it. But have you been in the 'flipping' sea? Mate, the sea is 'flipping' lovely. Whether one's gentling drifting away or pummelled by the surf, it's always better where it's wetter. By which I mean, of course I've kept an eye on deep sea explore-o-fight 'em up Diluvion [official site]. It may have missed a few release windows but now Diluvion has a release date--February 2nd--and surely developers Arachnid Games aren't so cruel as to deny people the sea after this display of specificity?

Diluvion, right, is set in a flooded future world. As a submarine captain, we'll get to build a crew, upgrade subs, and head out into the deep dark on a grand quest. Expect strange sights, treasure, trading, limited food and oxygen, and a good few fights. It's partially inspired by space combat games like Wing Commander and Freelancer, in the same way that '90s submarine games often were (I still fondly remember Archimedean Dynasty).

I do really like the scale of some of its undersea nasties, as well as the cute 2D style it switches to when you're looking inside settlements or your sub. Here, have a gander in this new trailer:

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Diluvion will cost £14.99 when it hits Windows and Mac via Steam and GOG on February 2nd.

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