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Free Sneaking: Dishonored's Steam Weekend Trial

Murdering optional

You could finish Dishonored for free this weekend. It's free to play on Steam until 9 o'clock on Sunday evening, which certainly gives enough time to zip through and stab everyone in the neck. You would, of course, be a monster--not just for the reckless murder, but for missing some of the finest first-person sneaking of recent years. No, unless you have nowt going on, the trial will give sneaky players just enough time to crave closure. Handily, the game's on sale cheap too, as are its ace DLC chapters.

Killfreaks can alternatively play Titanfall and Borderlands 2 free this weekend, mind.

Click this link here to start Dishonored installing through Steam. If you take a shine to the game after your time playing, it's on sale all weekend. The base game is £2.49, but I really do recommend the Game of the Year Edition which also includes the extra two-part single-player story along with a challenge mode and some virtual trinkets.

Titanfall, meanwhile, is back on Origin's 'Game Time' promo, which'll give you 48 hours to play from the first time you launch it. Hit Origin to get that. I notice Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is there too, with a 72-hour trial if you fancy your violence slapstick.

Lastly, like wot John said yesterday, Borderlands 2 is free to play on Steam until 9pm on Sunday if you click this here link.

Good, great, lovely. That's a fine selection of fancy games for you to try this weekend. But really, do play Dishonored if you haven't. It is by far the best of all these.

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