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Disjunction is like a stealthier, cyberpunkier Hotline Miami

Sneak and bop

I like a good sneak and bop. Especially when that sneaking is cyberpunk-flavoured, and people shout at me if my bopping turns to killing. Disjunction is an upcoming "cyberpunk stealth action RPG" where precisely that happened in its free alpha demo. I was lured in by the trailer below, which asks "what if Hotline Miami had abilities" and answers with "slightly more tactical murders".

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It's a shame there's no holographic mice in the demo (0:38). The demo could definitely do with more holographic mice.

I still had fun, mind. Neither are revolutionary, but stealthy ability usage and satisfying clomp noises can go a long way. The demo has you exploring a warehouse for info on someone who's been framed - and shooting, clubbing or avoiding the guards in your way. The combat is almost as lethal as Miami's, death arriving with a few stray bullets. You could charge in guns blazing, but a sneakier approach seems best. You know the thing where you stun someone just as they come around a corner, knock out their friend, then turn back and finish the job? There is a lot of that sort of thing.

The full game's due sometime in 2019, and will feature three player characters across "a reactive story where your choices have real consequences". I've heard that one before, but hey, it's a good aspiration.

You can grab the demo from developers Ape Tribe Games' website, and wishlist it on Steam if you so please.

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