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Fantasy city builder Distant Kingdoms launches into early access

Convince dwarves and elves to get along at last

Humans have had their day in the city builder sun, so Distant Kingdoms is making way for fantasy folks such as dwarves and elves and orcs and all. Except none of them can get along, so the gods have banished them all from their homes and forced them to rebuild. No lovely castles for you until you decide to behave. Distant Kingdoms has just launched into early access with two maps and four races to choose from while it works to add a full campaign and modding support.

"Distant Kingdoms offers a unique city building experience as players will use strategy, social management and magic as they look to build a thriving kingdom and unite the humans, dwarves, elves and orcs and ultimately save civilisation from apocalyptic ruin," the developers say. "Build a sprawling network of towns and villages as you forge a new civilisation."

As you do with city builders, you'll build roads and buildings and amenities for your population as it grows, unlocking and researching new technology along the way to build bigger and better. As you send out adventurers to expand your territory, you'll find new threats like dragons and trolls waiting to be dealt with too. You can snag a look at it all in the early access trailer here.

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I've got to say I think the best bit in that trailer is probably the fantasy fire station. Look at that shaggy yak pulling the water cart to the buildings on fire. Oh gosh and there's a medical yak too, how cute.

Distant Kingdoms is planning to remain in early access for about a year, during which time they'll be adding a full story campaign, additional maps, monsters, and magic. Developers Orthrus Studios have already laid out plans for their first two updates during early access, including new map scenarios, fishing production and more.

Modding is clearly a priority for Orthrus Studios as well. They're planning to bring modding support for buildings in the first update and support for characters and races in the second one.

You can find Distant Kingdoms over on Steam where it's 15% off until May 12th for £18.43/€21.24/$21.24.

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