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Distraint Is A Horror Game About The Property Market

Home Gone

In Distraint [official site], you will play the role of an ambitious man tasked with reclaiming the home of an elderly woman. It's an everyday horror story that sits neatly alongside the laments of friends and strangers trapped in the grinding churn of the property market. 'Home' is a temporary idea, built on hard rock that accepts no roots.

Rather than presenting the horror of eviction at face value, Distraint explores the psychological toll of inhumane acts. Regret, guilt and scabby elephants await.

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Maybe the elephant represents arrears or debt collection agencies. Whatever the case, Distraint seems like a good starting point for the build-up to HorrorWeen. Everyone knows that October is goth month and I'm hoping to celebrate that fact by finding at least one spooky game a day to write about between now and the 31st.

Distraint will be available on the 21st, ten days before the most frightening day of the year. It's coming to Steam and is the creation of Jesse Makkonen, developer of last year's Silence of the Sleep, which I somehow missed at the time of release.

Makkonen is referring to Distraint as a speed project, having spent just 77 days working on it. On the website he also informs the world that he listened to bands with names like Leprous and Caligula's Horse while coding and writing.

On the subject of the famous historical equine, Incitatus, it's worth nothing that many of the tales associated with him, including his political titles, are probably fabrications. Fast forward a couple of centuries and people will reckon David Cameron's Cabinet was made up entirely of pigs' heads called Boris and Toff, and that they'd all been students at the Bullingdon Academy while Jeremy Corbyn's beard was leading the glorious miners' rebellion.

Nick Clegg will have become a synonym for mildew.

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