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Dive into the depths of Koral on May 16

The water's lovely

There are few more enticing video game settings than crystal clear underwater glades, and Koral, an explore-o-puzzle game launching next week has them in spades. It’s got sort of an Abzu meets Ori And The Blind Forest look, by which I obviously mean, ahhhh, it’s all colourful and gorgeous and there are fish friends. Come and dip your toes in the trailer yourself.

Cover image for YouTube video

I’m extremely pleased that this trailer confirms the presence of turtles, the most important feature in any under (salt) water game.

Koral is mostly, as the name might suggest, about coral. Specifically about restoring it back to life. As “a love letter to the ocean,” the game is somewhat concerned with the fact that maybe (definitely) the sea isn’t doing so well right now and maybe (definitely) that’s because of humanity. In puzzling through various underwater ecosystems, you’ll be able to bring it all back into health. If only it were that simple in real life.

Apparently, Koral was made “on a sailship in a pristine marine reserve in Northern Catalonia called Cap De Creus.” Developer Carlos Coronado made a video about the whole experience. While I’m sure “developing a game on a boat with limited power supply” is as challenging as it sounds, I can’t help but think I wouldn’t mind working off of a lovely sunny deck. The scuba trip he took wouldn’t be so bad either.

Coronado also made Mind - Path To Thalamus which John reviewed and, though he wasn't a fan of the voiceover, he thought it was both pretty and satisfyingly puzzly. That seems a good enough sign for this game, which appears to be going for much the same things.

Koral and its making of video are sailing onto Steam next week, on Thursday 16th May.

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