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Do you want to host a session at PAX Online or EGX Digital?

Do ya?

EGX and PAX will not be physical events this year, replaced by a nine-day joint stream which you could take part in. Submissions for panels, talks, presentations, and other sorts of sessions are currently open for both PAX Online and EGX Digital, which will run concurrently in September as PAX Online x EGX Digital, like some kind of hot collabo or fierce showdown. Making something good to show off? Got something good to talk about? Maybe an idea for something funny? The organisers, our corporate uncles, want to hear from you.

"We want things that our audience will find relevant to the gaming industry and gaming culture, from in-depth serious discussions to comedy debates to live gameplay," the PAX Online gang say in their call for submissions. The EGX Digital gang suggest potential sessions include "a presentation on your in-development game, a panel session discussing an industry hot topic, a session offering career advice in your field or anything at all related to games!" Or any other good ideas you might have.

To propose an EGX Digital session, hit this form. For a PAX Online session, hit that form. PAX submissions end on Friday the 24th (that's tomorrow) while EGX's are open a while longer. Both would prefer pre-recorded sessions, presumably because doing things live online risks all sorts of technical troubles.

PAX Online x EGX Digital will run from September 12th to the 20th. We here at RPS will be doing some stuff ourselves. Dunno what! But stuff.

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