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Dodge acid rain and robot guards in Backland

Huddling under the ruins

What exactly has happened to the world of Backland isn’t your concern. You just have to figure out how to sneak around and light up the five beacons that will signal an escape ship to come get you the hell out of here. Complicating matters, though, are the angry robot guards, intermittent acid rain, and the fact that you’re battery-powered and not good at holding a charge. These things may all conspire to keep you trapped, as its trailer demonstrates.

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The combination of battery and big red filter over the world when things are going poorly makes it feel as if the main character is just a different kind of robot, kept trapped by the guard robots. Certainly, the skyline full of ruined buildings doesn’t indicate much presence of humans. It’s like these spherical wardens are just running old security programs that no longer serve anyone. Still, as you explore the gutted skyscrapers in search of batteries and beacons, it's best to keep out of their way.

There clearly is someone out there, though, if the beacons are signalling for someone to come pick you up. I wonder how they deal with the acid rain, or whether that’s a local phenomenon? So many questions, so few answers. Though I can respect that with so much to hide from, our potentially-robotic protagonist has no time to consider these world building questions. It doesn't really matter what the robots are guarding if they'll attack you on sight.

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