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Dollhouse schedules scares for May release date

What is it with dolls?

Film noir horror game Dollhouse is launching on May 24th, and they've put out a new trailer to celebrate. I made the mistake of watching said trailer last night, after dark, while home alone. I do not recommend this for the faint of heart. It has all the things you need from a horror game: giggling children and muted colours and warped children’s lullabies. And jump scares. Lots of jump scares. If it's still light out where you are, or you're braver than I am, take a peek through your fingers.

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When we last (and first) saw Dollhouse it was the bygone era of 2015, and there wasn’t a whole lot of information about it. In fact, contributor Ben Barrett was trying to figure out what it was at all. I’m pleased say I’m swanning in four years later to solve the mystery, sort of.

According to its Steam page, it’s both a singleplayer campaign about avoiding a pursuer while unravelling the story of your own chequered past as detective Marie and a multiplayer mode where you must “murder wisely.”

These two things don’t seem strictly related. In Marie’s story, you’ll be trying to solve the death of your daughter, and able to upgrade yourself so as better to not succumb to whatever unbearably creepy enemies are in store. In multiplayer, you’ll be able to explore the different stories of 14 different playable characters. Presumably it will also be unbearably creepy.

We might get a better sense of how it all fits together during the open beta, which will run on the 13th and 14th of April. You can sign up via publisher Soedesco’s website, though they say that it “does not guarantee participation.” Rather, the participants will be selected randomly.

That sentence sounds a lot more sinister than it usually does with the effects of that trailer still giving me goosebumps.

Dollhouse is scheduled to release on Steam on May 24th.

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