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Dolphin Head Tentacles: Enter the Mind

New meaning to 'marine biologist'

At times I just want to list off a series of descriptions for a game, because I don't think there's a better way to sell it. Tentacles: Enter the Mind is about being the horrible black beasty you see above invading the brain of a scientist. A scientist who's obsession with cute has driven him mad. Also, his head is a dolphin. While within, and I quote directly from the developers Press Play, you will "explore [his] libido" and eat the eyes of the beings now living in his brain. His dolphin brain. Based on that screenshot, you'll even get to wear cute hats! If you're not excited, I just don't know how to make you happy any more, but maybe this trailer will do it.

While we're in a scientist theme: good news everyone! It's free. Sadly the pay off is that it's coming to "windows devices" which means "Windows 8 and some phone OS nobody actually uses." If you're one of the lucky(?) few, you can get your slippery mitts on its scrumptious balls (eye or otherwise) come Summer. It's a shame, I actually quite like the look of the way Tenty (name writers own) there moves and it's impossible to deny there's wit and humour here. Perhaps Microsoft will let this one off its leash at some time in the future.

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