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Don't Call It A Comeback: Harrier Attackier

Of all the things I thought I'd be writing about today, announcing a sequel to Durrell's 1983's Harrier Attack would have come below Messiah Returns, Cancer Cured or Obsidian Release Game Without Some Crazy Ass Bug in it. Shows what I know.

Durrell's 1983's Harrier Attack has a sequel! And a 6.5Mb demo (That's less than 1 Peggle, so entirely outside the scientific precision of our standard-measurement system for file-sizes, annoyingly). Harrier Attack was actually a forerunner of authentic mili-porn Tom Clancy-ville. Abstractly, just a left-right scrolling shooter, it amped it up with some nods to authenticity, including a Falklands War inspired setting. This sequel follows it, and amps it up even further. This is a left right scrolling shooter where there's eight tutorials to play to introduce various facets - there's even a character growth system, key-codes for special abilities (including turning), missions involving hugging the land to avoid radar and... well, it's different. When playing the demo, to start with, I thought this was going to be just a charity blog post for old time's sake. But there's actually something here which reminds me of old Amiga Power favourite Jetstrike and I suspect this could get beneath the skin of a surprising number of you.

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