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Donut Wrangler serves up endless beautiful donuts

They're good donuts

While I'm sorry we can't yet join our playsiblings on consoles in gushing over the sumptous foodstuffs of dine-o-dating sim Final Fantasy XV, I am delighted by the donuts of Donut Wrangler [Itch page]. These are good-looking donuts. Look at those donuts! Lovely. Donut Wrangler itself is a simple physics-based stack 'em up about a tiny fork building a huge tower of donuts but just look at these sweeties! The perfect balance of realism and cartoon that makes me want to reach out and poke at their goo-filled doughbellies. Cracking donuts.

So! Playing as a teensy fork, we're trying to climb as high as possible on a big tower of donuts. Hop onto one, press E to stick yourself in, then hop and roll it around to build the tower. They replenish from a magical donut box, refilling itself with different varieties of donut, and they all look great.

Ah, they're just smashing donuts. The icing is perfectly smooth with a satiny sheen, the piping and sprinkles pop with deep shadows, and the dough reveals an interesting texture through its sheen - almost like angel food cake. A gentle perfection. They're not real but if you close your eyes you can see one on a small white satin pillow next to you in bed on a Sunday morning, light streaming into the room, and you bleary-eyed from sleep but without a care in the world.

You can grab Donut Wrangler free for Windows and Mac from Itch. Creator Anneka Tran says she made it "just for fun". I say, "Look at these delightful donuts."

In a similar vein, I like looking at the dishes served by the procedural ramen generator from Chelsea 'Pixelatedcrown' Saunders.


Look, so what if I forgot to eat lunch today?

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