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Doom 3 BFG Throws Its Launch Trailer Into The Ocean

Doom 3 BFG is out in Europe tomorrow. Pulling something of a Dishonored, Bethesda have once again chosen to put out its "launch trailer" in the gap between the US and EU release of the game. So, can you find the love for a game that lacked it all those eight years ago?

You know, I'm struggling to muster it. I just remember playing something that in no way represented Doom either aesthetically or spiritually, a dreary suspense shooter, somehow derivative of Dead Space, despite its coming out four years after Doom 3. But then, I also didn't stick with it for long. Perhaps I should have. Perhaps I've missed out on an enjoyable FPS in a world that's rather lacking in that category.

This version of the game has beefed up the graphics, improved sound and effects, added checkpoints (oh good), and sellotapes on the Resurrection Of Evil expansion pack. There's also a new mission called The Lost Mission. Or as we like to call it, "The Mission That Didn't Make The Cut Last Time".

But let us not forget! It also allows you to use the torch at the same time as a weapon.

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It's worth noting that Bethesda didn't bother to create a dedicated website for Doom 3 BFG. There's the info page on their own site, and the "official site" is... a Facebook page. Hmmmm.

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