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Double Fine Adventure Documentary Is An Aching Grin

I feel like uplifting documentaries may be the secret cure for all of societies greatest ills. This goes double, for some reason, when independent game developers are involved. Minecraft's proof-of-concept made me feel like I, too, could single-handedly build a blocky bridge between Sweden and the rest of the world, and Indie Game: The Movie will probably be used to bring Sylvester Stallone back from the brink of defeat in the next Rocky movie. And now, along comes Double Fine Adventure's variation on the theme, in all its zany wonderfulness. It is, however, also an irresistibly smile-inducing glimpse behind the scenes of a company just as shocked by Kickstarter's piggy-bank-stuffing prowess as we all were at the time. Kick off your weekend by giving part one a watch after the break.

Cover image for YouTube video

If you skipped right past the video to comment, I will now make you shift into reverse: Tim Schafer money montage. It's in there. Seek it out and be delighted. Also, is it just me, or does Schafer's game design analogy about dots creating an image sound like it'd make kind of a great game?

If you're a backer, you can also watch episode two right now. And if you're not? Well, Double Fine's launched a "slacker backer" program via PayPal, because all the money evidently isn't enough. Donating, as always, gets you  a free copy of the game, guaranteed beta access, entry into private backer forums, and - of course - every episode of the documentary.

So that's a lot of things. So yeah, you may soon end up homeless from funding so many of these damn things, but at least you'll have cool stuff.

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