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Dragon Age: Return To Ostagar + Rumours

Dragon Age is getting bigger. A little bit bigger tomorrow, and then perhaps rather significantly bigger in March. If the words spoken by Czech Eurogamer are true, we could be seeing Dragon Age: The Awakening in a couple of months. (Via That VideoGame Blog.) When I spoke to EA bods before the game was released I was told, "We've got at least 30 hours more content ready for the game already," so it's no surprise that the expansion rumoured for March should be about 15 hours long (or, for perspective, twice the length of the average console shooter). Tomorrow, however, definitely brings us the smaller DLC pack, Return To Ostagar.

Quick warning - slight spoilers follow, since we're discussing DLC that fits in after the first few hours of the game, post Lothering. I'm replaying Dragon Age at the moment, in order to catch the DLC I missed, and enjoy the company of Shale who wasn't around for the pre-release review code. Which means Return To Ostagar appears with perfect timing. It frustrated me both times that it wasn't possible to go back to the site of the terrible battle, especially since I have my suspicions about the authenticity of Duncan. I mean, you see something about to attack him, then it goes white. But I've not seen a body. Just saying. So I'm looking forward to seeing what's to be found there tomorrow. The other body we haven't seen is King Cailan's, and this certainly appears to be a part of what you investigate. As the game's site explains, "Return to fallen Ostagar, discover the fate of a king, and reveal the true cost of betrayal."

The new pack will cost a weeny $5, and I guess will appear around lunchtime in the UK.

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