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Dragon Ball: The Breakers looks like Dead By Daylight meets Prop Hunt

The trailer features Cell absorbing some poor guy

Today, Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball: The Breakers, which is perhaps the most baffling game to be revealed this year. It's a 7v1 survival horror game where a group of players have to escape a "raider" using all sorts of weird and wonderful abilities. It's like Dead By Daylight meets Prop Hunt. Truthfully, when I first watched the trailer I was convinced they'd just put Cell in Dead By Daylight. Like, why not?

So, you have seven survivors basically running for their lives away from a Dragon Ball evil bad. It's kinda what I imagine it's like for civilians when all those guys are using their superpowers to tear up cities.

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So far, the playable raiders include Cell, Buu and Frieza, and a press release tells me it's their goal to "obliterate" the poor souls stuck in a match with them. Survivors can avoid that fate by using power-ups to hop into vehicles, turn into inanimate objects, spawn weapons, and eventually escape (in UFO-like teleporters, judging from the trailer). It's not clear if you can kill the raider or not. That little pig guy fires a rocket launcher that maybe slows them down? Who knows!

"The Dragon Ball series has been a global fan favourite for over 37 years and Dragon Ball: The Breakers takes the classic over-the-top action formula and offers an innovative twist with its online survival gameplay," Bandai senior director of brand and marketing Lin Leng said. Honestly, I'm so up for them leaning into that over-the-topness, this looks like proper wacky fun.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is coming to PC via Steam, as well as Nintendo Switch, the PlayStations and Xboxes sometime in 2022. A closed beta test is "coming soon" to PC too, and Bandai will have more details on that in the near future.

Check out the website for more info.

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