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Dread Templar looks like Quake with a throwable katana

Burst some demons

I feel like there are a lot of Quake-like retro first-person shooters now, and I feel like every single one of them has a name like Rune Rampage or Demonic Burn or Shotgun Hell. Dread Templar is the latest to enter the crowded niche - and dang if its shotgun and throwable katana don't make me want to burst some demons.

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While the core of the game is inspired by Quake - gribbly demons, a powerful shotgun, keycards, the colour brown - there are also special abilities with cooldowns you can use. That includes the dash and katana throws you see in the video above. There's also a little bullet time, which triggers every time you kill an enemy.

Dem-- I've already forgotten its name, and just had to check. Dread Templar, sorry, was previously called Hell Hunt, for which there was a demo available via Itch. That's understandably been taken offline now, though there are some videos of it you can watch.

Dread Templar is available to wishlist on Steam, and is aiming to enter early access this autumn.

My favourite game with this aesthetic remains Devil Daggers, which is all skulls but hung in an escalating wave survival structure that makes it feel more like its own thing. It recently got an update for its 5th anniversary, too.

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