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Boo! Boo? DreadOut: Keepers Of The Dark Came Out

More spooks to snap

I'm a big ole babby when it comes to horror games, but I still try to keep my ear to the blood-soaked ground. I heard encouraging things about DreadOut, a Fatal Frame-ish spook 'em up with a schoolgirl fighting ghosts and ghoulies by taking their photo, but between jetlag and flu I missed its latest. So! DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark [official site] came out out the end of March, bringing more spookings in a standalone chapter.

Keepers of the Dark is a 'lost chapter' dealio, exploring a blank spot in DreadOut. It's heavier on bosses (bringing new ones, obvs), and built around a hub world with doors to areas mostly seen before but touched up a bit. It's not an expensive game, mind.

DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark is £4.99 on Steam as a standalone release. Its few player reviews look pretty good, if you accept that it's a bit janky and Xbox 360-looking. I can't tell you anything from personal experience because, as stated, I am a big babby.

Digital Happiness may or may not make more DreadOut after this. They said at launch:

"Even though we are having so much fun and deeply in love with Linda and her hardworking job to keep us alive, now it’s time to announce that after Keepers of the Dark, Linda will be gone for a while contemplating on her fate. We can't promise you anything about Linda's future for a while, but we will try our best to keep her alive on our upcoming titles (fingers crossed)."

Er, thanks to the latest episode VoidBurger and tortoiseontour's Silent Hill 2 Let's Play for mentioning that Keepers of the Dark is out.

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