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Dream A Little Dream: Lucid - The Awakening

I wrote about first-person frightener Lucid: The Awakening last week, right before the game's Kickstarter began. With only a fortnight-long funding period, the project has just over a week left to raise half of its required funding. That may sound difficult but the overall goal was only $2,000, which would apparently be enough to pay the core team a wage, allowing them to work full-time creating a beta version by mid-October. Whether they'd need more money to continue working on the rest of the game full-time after that isn't clear, but the stretch goals suggest that is the case. Given the close proximity of the beta, it'd be encouraging to see a fully in-game video rather than the same trailer released before the campaign began. Here it is, in case you missed it.

Cover image for YouTube video

On a related note, I was at a BAFTA event last week listening to The Chinese Room talking about their journey from university-bound experimental mod team to Machinists for Pigs, and their work with Sony beyond tomorrow's release of the Amnesia follow-up. Check back for Jim's thoughts on that one later this afternoon.

As I mingled, drink in hand, I spotted a chap wearing a t-shirt that said 'DREAM' on the front and it turned out he was, as I had suspected, the developer of this creepy first-person exploration game. I've had a brief look at the early access version and it's an interesting project.

More on that soon.

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