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Dream Island Probably Isn't About Anything

It might be, though. I'm pretty bad at picking up on subtext, after all. For instance, I had no idea that Far Cry 3 was actually all about an episode of Basil Brush from 1976. I'm pretty sure Dream Island is made according to the 'throw enough poo at the wall' theory rather than because it has any kind of comment to make about anything. Although it's 80s dinosaurs with ghettoblasters, sad robots and dogs who want jaws rather than actual poo, so it's all good clean fun.

It's pretty stupid. It's rather nice.

What can I say? Wander across a mad landscape having brief, mad conversations asking you to pick up mad things for mad creatures. Well, they're not all that mad really, but it beats an elf asking for a crown or a guy with a gun asking you to kill another guy with a gun.

Mad(ish) things happen when you accomplish these ambient tasks, such as a giant, floating confusing maze with no clear purpose popping into existence. Why? I'dunno. It's game art being game art, and there's something very pleasant about that despite a faint edge of 'ooh, aren't I wacky?'

It's a free browser game but it requires the Unity plugin, so I suspect about 60% of the comments below will be moaning about that again. What fun.

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