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Drive Any Track Will Powerslide Through Your MP3s

Audiosurf with cars, sorta

Drive Any Track [official site] will look instantly familiar to anyone who's played Audiosurf or its sequel, and you'd not be wrong for thinking that. DAT is also a music racing game that constructs its racing tracks based on your personal collection of MP3s (and OGGs and WAVs). Developers Foam recently unveiled it, and are currently vying for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Where Drive Any Track most obviously stands out is in its use of semi-realistic looking cars, which also means that car-based things like power slides are in the mix. So too are gaining air via ramps and performing tricks. I don't own a car any more but when I did, performing mid-air tricks is exactly the thing I did to make the M25 less boring.

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The song in that trailer isn't to my taste, but opinions vary wildly on music and I can't expect developers to use Kid Dynamite or Fucked Up tracks when promoting their games. What is to my taste are Drive Any Track's luscious visuals and the idea of feeding my music into Drive Any Track to make sweet obstacle courses. About the only drawback I can see is that like many others, I'm increasingly streaming my digital music via online services.

I'm also intrigued by the idea that there are different cars for different genres of music. I see many opportunities here. A hearse for goth, a coffin Cadillac for the psychobillies, a foreign car no one's heard of for the indie kids and a cruise ship for the genre of "Jimmy Buffet". Who knows what the future may hold if DAT passes the Greenlight finish line.

(Drive Any Track. Oh my. I'm sorry about this, but whenever I look at that title I think of the ghastly old UK TV ads for Don't click that link: you'll regret it. It contains a song far worse than any game trailer I can think of.)

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