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Grab Your Sickle: A Druid's Duel Released

No one knows who they were

Druids used to be pretty important in England. Their influence faded long ago, but things might have turned out differently if they'd possessed the ability to turn into animals and do battle on floating islands. Then again, would the legions of the Roman Empire really have been bothered by a few eagles ineffectually pecking at chainmail? I suppose not, but dropping a floating island would probably have the desired effect.

We may never learn the truth of that entirely stupid scenario, but in the meantime it's possible to pit druid versus druid in bloody turn-based combat thanks to A Druid's Duel [official site], which was released this week. Peer through this ornate torc and a trailer you shall see.

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The developers promise a game of flux (not the card game), thanks to the way that the game board will change based on player actions. Between that and the floating islands I'm reminded of the rather excellent Greed Corp. A Druid's Duel's developers also state it will be simple to learn but difficult to master, thanks to the pared-back range of unit types, the mutable board and the challenges of capturing and protecting territory. All this is what you want of a turn-based strategy game, eh?

It also features local and online multiplayer alongside a single-player campaign. And so on and so on: honestly, the Steam page or the game's own site has all of this mundane info. I've not played it but I think it looks neat, and it's out now so fill your boots. I mean sandals. Druids probably wore sandals, right?

A Druid's Duel is presently £5.59/$7.88/€7.99 on Steam, with 20% off thanks to the clever placement of some stone monoliths. It's on Humble too, DRM-free, but without the launch discount.

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