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Due Process: SWAT-Inspired Multiplayer FPS Due Attention

Please add a beanbag gun

I have fond memories of clearing corners in Rainbow Six and SWAT, and I've longed for a modern method of drawing and poorly executing plans with friends. Rainbow Six: Siege could be the game I'm looking for, or it could just as easily be Due Process. It's a first-person multiplayer game where attackers and defenders draw on maps, draw their guns, and then blow themselves and each other up. There's a first alpha trailer below and it contains plenty of reasons to be interested.

"ALPHA AS FUCK" as a point of bragging made me smile. Every description of the game seems keen to stress that the artwork isn't in the game yet, but I'm actually a fan of its blocky, disintegrating men, pixellated blood smears and higher-resolution particle effects. I'd play a game that looked like this. Here's the full blurb from the game's site:

Due Process is a very alpha love letter to "classic" tactical shooters of yore, like SWAT and the Rainbow Six series. It's a strictly multiplayer game that focuses on cooperation, tactics, and planning. Players have 2 minutes at the start of a round to draw up a plan John Madden-style, involving tools like flash bang grenades, night vision goggles, and wall breaching charges to coordinate the perfect assault, while defenders scheme to foil their plans. These strategies collide in a bloody gunfight that ends in the blink of an eye.

During the heyday of Half-Life modding, there seemed to be a new, experimental multiplayer game to play every week. Even those following the sound of Counter-Strike's AK-47s were normally in someway thoughtful and new. I've been a little surprised that Unity hasn't spawned a greater number of multiplayer first-person shooters. Maybe it's happening, only slower than I expected.

After some months of internal development, Due Process's developers Giant Enemy Crab are ready to invite more people to join the alpha development process. It's not publicly available and they're not charging for it, but they are looking for people to email them who are based in North America and able to play in some scheduled test sessions.

If this looks like a thing that makes you want to breach and clear, you might also want to try out Intruder.

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