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Dungeonland Gets Infinite Dungeon, Free Goodies

Paradox's Dungeonland might have some quirks, bugs, and a giant happiness-slurping maw where a functional single-player mode should be, but it's a fine time on the whole. The arcade-y, asymmetrical ARPG even manages to be quite a stern test of swords and smarts - at least, for as long as it lasts. On the upside, developer Critical Studio's been packing its overwhelmingly purple loot pinata with additional stuff since day one, which brings us to the present. A present. Both. Dungeonland's latest update adds a never-ending dungeon, a casual mode for those who'd rather not be thrown to the razor-clawed wolf monsters, an achievement-like Star system, and a smattering of other bits and bobs. There's a trailer, but I've hidden it behind a toothy gauntlet of merciless traps. Can you reach it? Do you have the guts?

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Fine, I lied. That wasn't really a trap. But you were slightly impeded, and these things add up - to evil. MWAHA- yeah, OK, whatever.

Anyway, the update. Here's a rundown of its many glittering bounties:

"In today's update, players can now make the game impossible to win for themselves, and never again have to experience Dungeonland without the sweet release of a gruesome death. The update also includes a new Casual Mode for terrified little infants, and a Star System for heroes who complete actual challenges, plus a broad variety of updates to Dungeon Maestro Mode, in which a fourth player can take on the role of Dungeonland's handsomest and cleverest character behind the scenes."

Dungeon Maestro is definitely the game's sturdiest pillar, so it's good to hear that it's gotten some more love. New chambers and randomization elements should give it a bit more life, so that's good news. Better, though, might be word that Dungeonland's 50 percent off on Steam for the rest of the week. That sends its price plummeting into "Sure, why not?" territory, so it's definitely worth considering. Will you, though? Do you have the guts?

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