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I rolled my afternoon away in Dunno Dice Incremental

You like big numbers, yeah?

Y'know those browser games where you click things and numbers get bigger and bigger - you like 'em? If so, you might enjoy a spell of clicking on Dunno Dice Incremental ("I didn't know what to call the game", says creator Psidereal Games), which has us rolling dice and hoping to hit combos which each big bucks. We start with only one dice and ten rounds to each play, hoping to earn a few measly dollars, but before long we're jacked full of persistent perks and flinging great handfuls of dice to rake in a million dollars a roll. It's not new but it's new to me (thanks, Adam) and I've happily rolled away a fair chunk of the afternoon.

Dunno Dice is a game of dice tricks, in the Yahtzee sense rather than a magical one. We roll dice (by which I mean 'we click a button to have the computer puts numbers on dice'), then we receive money, across ten turns until we start over. Different numbers and combinations score different rewards, which we can spend on upgrades including more dice, more faces for our dice, multipliers, and magical powers such as XP and extra turns.

While many idle/clicker/making-numbers-bigger games rely on furious clicking then progress into automation, Dunno Dice is easy on the wrist and its progression comes through unlocks. Tricks score XP as well as cash, and levelling unlocks new tricks as well as starting bonuses, meaning each round we're just a little stronger. On and on we go, unlocking more perks, getting bigger numbers, and... that's what you want, isn't it? Big numbers? If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that people enjoy big numbers.

I think I'm fairly close to the end (or at least a point where I'd be happy to stop) and sure, I can comfortably say I produced some big numbers today. Work? Ah, not really. Big numbers? Oh yes.

You can play the game free in your browser over here. I believe it's from 2015 but Adam pointed it out to me today so I'm pointing it out to you today.

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