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E3 2019 schedule - conference streams

Well the season of conferences for E3 2019 is finally over, but the show itself has only just begun. Lots of games were announced, some surprises were had, and there have been moments of crippling disappointment. In case you have missed the conferences and want the full experience for each of them, I've compiled a list of links to the conferences so you can watch them at your own leisure.

If you just want to know what's definitely been confirmed to be at E3 this year, we've got you covered with our extensive E3 2019 games guide that has just shy of 50 games that have already been confirmed to appear at the show.

E3 2019 schedule: conference streams

This guide to E3 2019 has links to each of the many E3 conferences where games have been announced, all for your own viewing pleasure.

Below are all the times for each of the streams showing off new PC games:

ConferenceTime (BST)Time (ET)Time (PT)Time (CEST)
Electronic Arts (EA Play) - Catch-upMultiple Streams - 7th & 8th June First stream begins 17:00Multiple Streams - 7th & 8th June First stream begins 12:00Multiple Streams - 7th & 8th June First stream begins 09:00Multiple Streams - 7th & 8th June First stream begins 18:00
Microsoft - Catch-up (Available only on Mixer)Sunday 9th June - 21:00Sunday 9th June - 16:00Sunday 9th June - 13:00Sunday 9th June - 22:00
Bethesda - Catch-upMonday 10th June - 01:30Sunday 9th June - 20:30Sunday 9th June - 17:30Monday 10th June - 02:30
Devolver Digital - Catch-up Monday 10th June - 03:00Sunday 9th June - 22:00Sunday 9th June - 19:00Monday 10th June - 04:00
PC Gaming Show - Catch-upMonday 10th June - 18:00Monday 10th June - 13:00Monday 10th June - 10:00Monday 10th June - 19:00
Ubisoft - Catch-upMonday 10th June - 21:00Monday 10th June - 16:00Monday 10th June - 13:00Monday 10th June - 22:00
Kinda Funny Games Showcase - Catch-upTuesday 11th June - 00:30Monday 10th June - 19:30Monday 10th June - 16:30Tuesday 11th June - 01:30
Square Enix - Catch-upTuesday 11th June - 02:00Monday 10th June - 21:00Monday 10th June - 18:00Tuesday 11th June - 03:00

See our E3 2019 tag for more news, previews, opinions, and increasingly surreal liveblogs.

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