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You Should Probably Pay Attention To IndiE3

E3 for everyone else

You may not have noticed - for instance, because you are under a rock, in space, or dead - but E3 is happening. So far, it's been about as predictable as they come: sequels we already new about, a couple "hmmm, that might actually be interesting" standouts, and a whole, whole, whole lot of console-focused stuff. Also a bunch of gameplay "demos" that largely demonstrate the fact that game publishers don't actually know how people playing games sound. Indies, meanwhile, are technically here, but their presence is depressingly quiet. IndiE3 aims to change that. It's a week-long series of streaming panels and demo sessions dedicated to smaller, more innovative games. There's a game jam component as well. IndiE3 just kicked off, but it will be running even longer than E3 proper. You can watch it now.

There are two channels: IndiE3 proper and IndiE4. There's a full schedule of events for both here.

Here's what it's all about:

"So what is IndiE3? It’s a cyber-convention spanning from June 9th to the 16th. It’s a game jam running from the 10th to 14th. It’s a show of solidarity among the Indie community. It’s a demonstration of what can happen with drive, commitment, and a little bit of anger. It’s a movement. It’s happening right now."

"IndiE3 is a chance to show off the games you’ve never heard of, learn something about game development, and find out about the people behind the games as they’re being made. There will likely never be a game made in papercraft at E3. Nor a game about driving along at night with a Hitchhiker. No competitive rock, paper, scissors. There will be at IndiE3."

Throughout the week, IndiE3 will show off over 100 games in addition to panels on subjects like "designing role-playing games without combat," "games have a racism problem," and "highlighting underloved triple-A developers." It looks to be quite a thing.

Now of course it won't be as polished of a production as E3, but that's not really the point. Expect interesting discussion and copious games you never knew about, never could've seen coming. And probably also a bunch we've posted about on RPS, because this is sorta Our Kind Of Thing.

It's a nice break after hours and hours of MANGUN GUNSPORTS NEW DESTRUCTIBLE CAPTURE THE LADY MODE, a breath of fresh air that fills your whole body. Which is not to say E3 is bereft of good ideas or interesting games. I'm in LA for the show, and I'm set to see some very, very exciting things. IndiE3, though, is different, and goodness knows this industry needs the hell out of some difference. Watch it. This stuff deserves an audience. Or, in short:

"IndiE3 is the fan celebration for those who can’t normally be there. For the devs who have trouble keeping lights on. For the gamer who can’t leave their house because of a disability. For the communities who are otherwise ignored or thrown aside."

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