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EA Announce The Fancy Pants Adventures

...will be arriving on Xbox Live and Playstation Network in 2011. They're not publishing The Fancy Pants Adventures on PC because it's already out on PC. It's a free browser game. Not only that, it has more than 100 million plays.

How did The Fancy Pants Adventures escape us? I swivelled the RPS interrogation lamp in this game's direction and had a play.

It's kind of... fine. I've been playing Super Meat Boy recently, which raises the bar for superfast platformers like a strongman hoisting a barbell, and The Fancy Pants Adventures can't really compete. It's fine, and the animations are fun, but I suspect those 100 million plays come from its warmth and accessibility rather than anything resembling genius design.

Here's a video of the PC version of The Fancy Pants Adventures:

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And here's an early trailer of the console version:

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

If you wouldn't mind burning 15 minutes, you shouldn't be put off by my grumpiness. For the price, there's plenty of fun to be had here. Here's that link again.

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