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EA show first teaser trailer for EA Sports PGA Tour, just as 2K's PGA Tour 2K23 comes out

EA's swing will now come next year

EA have released the teaser trailer for their first golf game since 2015, EA Sports PGA Tour. It will reportedly feature all four major golfing championships, as well as several of the world's most famous courses. You can find the thirty seconds of footage of grass and sandpits below.

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PGA Tour was announced last year and later had a proposed release date of spring 2022, which obviously came and went. Today's teaser trailer comes with a new release window of spring 2023. When the game arrives it'll feature the Masters, the PGA Championship, the US Open and The Open Championship. It'll also include courses like Augusta, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and The Country Club in Brookline. There's a longer though seemingly still incomplete list of included courses in the game's official FAQ.

The game will also feature a full career mode, a Create-A-Player feature, and the inclusion of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

Brilliantly, EA Sports have timed this teaser trailer to coincide with the release on October 14th of 2K Sports' similarly-named PGA Tour 2k23. 2K's effort features Tiger Woods, male and female golfers, and the FedEx cup, but lacks the major tournaments and famous courses already announced for EA's swing.

The only downside for now is that, so far, there are no confirmed platforms for EA Sports PGA Tour, so there's no guarantee it's coming to PC. I hope it does. The years I spent as a teenager playing the software-like PGA Tour on PC feel like another life, but it was a pleasant one.

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