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EA suspends sale of games and virtual currency in Russia and Belarus

"We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine."

EA are removing their content from sale in Russia and Belarus while the invasion of Ukraine continues. That includes both games sold via Origin and the EA app, as well as in-game purchases, and they're working on removing their games from other digital stores serving the region.

"We continue to be shocked at the conflict that is unfolding in Ukraine, and join so many voices around the world in calling for peace and an end to the invasion," says the statement posted by EA earlier today. "We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Our primary concern is the ongoing safety of those in the region, particularly colleagues and partners, and we are seeking to understand how we might best help them further beyond our programs that are already in place."

"We have made the decision to stop sales of our games and content, including virtual currency bundles, in Russia and Belarus while this conflict continues," the statement continues. "As a result, our games and content will no longer be available for purchase in our Russian region storefront on Origin or the EA app, including through in-game stores. We are also working with our platform partners to remove our titles from their stores and stop the sale of new in-game content in the region."

EA announced earlier this week that all Russian clubs, including the national football teams, would be removed FIFA 22, and that the Russian and Belarusian teams would be removed from NHL 22.

The statement ends by saying that EA "are actively evaluating other areas of our games and operations, and will update with any further actions."

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