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Eavesdrop on past events in Unheard, out now

Hear that?

If you press your ear up against the keyhole, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on Unheard, the audio-based detective ‘em up that launched this week. Players can now spy on the recordings of past crimes to their heart’s content, or at least until they’ve unravelled the tangled waveforms from a set of apparently unrelated mysteries. Listen in to the trailer below.

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I like the level of exaggeration they’ve put to in making sure that all of the different voices sound distinct enough to tell apart. We see it often in visual character design, but it’s not always so noticeable when it comes to voice acting until you absolutely have to listen.

Players will not only have to identify these people and their roles in the events that took place, but determine whether they can trust what they’re hearing and how it all fits into a bigger picture. Developers Next Studios say they’ve been taking cues from mediums like immersive theatre, allowing you to follow one conversation as many happen at the same time, and radio drama, ensuring that everything comes across in sound alone.

Dominic Tarason noted that it looks (and sounds) quite Return Of The Obra Dinn-like when it was first announced a few months ago, which is both true and music to my nosey, snoop-loving ears. I’m always here for more detective-y past events jigsaw puzzles, please and thank you.

Unheard is out now on Steam and you can grab it at £3.78/$5.10/€5.10 (27% off) for the next few days, until April 4th.

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