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EGX 2019: Join us at the RPS Mixer powered by Dead Good

It will be dead good, we promise.

This time next week, the lovely UK gaming public will be descending on London's ExCeL for EGX 2019, as will many mebers of the RPS Treehouse. As is now tradition, we're holding a party to celebrate: the RPS Mixer powered by Dead Good exists so you can come and chat, prattle and generally hang out after an action-packed day of show-going. The event happens on Friday, October 18th, at The Custom House Pub inside the ibis Hotel just across the road from the ExCel. Come, join us, and read on for details.

Best approached from the western end of the ExCel, The Custom House Pub is just a few minutes walk from the show. The festivities will start from 7pm and end at 11pm. The drinks can be had for free in exchange for drinks vouchers, until the event ends or all our pennies run out.

EGX 2019 runs October 17th-20th at the ExCel in London, and tickets are now on sale. RPS is there in force to interview developers on stage, play games on stream, and do various other in-public things. In fact, we'll be doing a live podcast from 5:30pm on the Rezzed Sessions stage on Friday. Come to that and we can walk over to the RPS Mixer together afterwards.

If you don't know them, Dead Good Media are an award-winning video games PR agency who rep dozens upon dozens of indie developers and video game publishers, including Larian Studios, Maximum Games and E-Line Media. They're generous sponsoring the event this year, and consequently you can collect drinks vouchers for the party by stopping by Dead Good's various stands, which are all located in the Rezzed Zone. Those are:

  • THQ Nordic
  • Maximum Games
  • E-Line Media
  • Intragames
  • Branching Narrative

We hope to see you there!

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