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EGX opens Leftfield Collection signups

Send them your cool games

Hey, you: are you making a neat video game? Submit it to the Leftfield Collection at EGX 2017. Of the noise and colour of the games show organised by our corporate overlords, this curated lineup is always my favourite part. David Hayward, who runs the wonderful Feral Vector events in Yorkshire, always picks a smashing lineup but he, y'know, needs games to pick from. Submissions opened today so if you're making something neat, drop him a line. Me posting this is entirely selfish, cos I want other people to make all the efforts that culminate in a section I can casually saunter into for a good time.

Guidelines and the submission form are over here. It's free to submit games, and free to show if they're picked, but only some costs are covered. Hayward says:

"In the case of PC games, our sponsors provide the hardware and you don't necessarily have to attend with your game. For Android, iOS, VR and anything else though, you'd have to provide hardware and be able to attend to look after it during the show.

"We're also especially interested in accommodating custom hardware and unusual games (e.g. Tenya Wanya Teens, Glow Tag, and Line Wobbler are things we've shown before)."

Submissions close on July 28th.

EGX is the one down in Birmingham at the NEC, by the way, while EGX Rezzed is the one in London. It's all Down South to me. Beyond the different locations, Rezzed is the one we're involved with while regular EGX is a lot bigger and flashier with more consoles. Last time I went, it had a stall where you could pay someone to engrave a decorative bullet with your name.

EGX this year runs September 21-24. Tickets are already on sale. Hot tip: A Place in the Sun Live is also at the NEC that weekend, so you could buy tickets to that too and have Amanda Lamb sign your Quake 2 CD.

[Disclosure: EGX is part of the company that pays my wages; David Hayward is a pal; and oh, I very minorly helped on those Tenya Wanya Teens controllers he mentions.]

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