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EGX Rezzed is now scheduled for July


EGX Rezzed, the games show organised by our corporate siblings (with a little help from us), was due to happen in London next weekend but ended up one of the many gaming events called off as a Covid-19 precaution. Now the organisers have announced new dates: July 2-4th, still at Tobacco Dock. Tickets will carry over from March's would-be Rezzed, though you can get a refund if you can't attend July's. As with other many other recent disrupted events, some digital dealio will be streamed in Rezzed's place next week.

"For those unable to make the new dates, refunds are being offered, or customers can choose to transfer their ticket for EGX 2020 tickets, the dates of which are due to be announced next week," the organisers said in today's announcement.

"Customers looking to refund or transfer their tickets should contact our Customer Services team at egx.helpline@reedexpo.co.uk"

Some details of the new Rezzed's lineup are still to be announced. Before then, a digital show will run next week with some talks and looks at games.

"Stay tuned to our website and social channels for more details on plans to highlight and celebrate some of the games, talks and other content that we have lined up for Rezzed: Digital next week," they say. GamesIndustry.biz noted that talks they had planned for their GI.biz Careers Fair will be part of Rezzed: Digital.

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