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Elite Dangerous To Add Nimoy Memorial Station

Live long and prosper

Elite Dangerous [official site] will be getting a Nimoy Memorial station as part of the game's 1.2 (Wings) update to honour the late Star Trek actor, Leonard Nimoy.

The game is not alone in paying tribute to Nimoy. Star Trek Online players held an in-game gathering on Vulcan while developers Cryptic will be adding an in-game memorial on 5 March. Star Citizen are also looking for a way to honour the actor.

According to executive producer at Frontier, Michael Brookes, it will be placed "in the LHS 3006 system around the only suitably named planet". Although why he thinks the Frimout Legacy is a planet or relevant to Nimoy's work is a mys- wait. He means Vulcan.

Brookes made the announcement on the forums after Nimoy Station (and variants) became the dominant suggestion in a thread inviting players to pick the name for a station being added to New Yembo. As such the New Yembo station contest is still running.

Staring at Elite Dangerous info there's already a starport orbiting Vulcan called WCM Transfer Orbital. In his initial forum post Brookes says the Nimoy Memorial will be added so I assume WCM isn't just being renamed.

The focal point of the 1.2 update is wings and wing beacons which I'll give a mention here as I don't think we've covered them elsewhere. Wings are part of an effort to make co-operative play easier to set up. I'm interested to see how it works in practice because my memories of playing Elite Dangerous are largely populated by attempts to find Brendan or at least get into the same bit of space as he was in. According to Brookes:

"Player wings exist to enable cooperative game play. One of the neat features wings use to support this notion is the wing beacon. This nifty little device allows you to send a signal from normal space into the system’s super cruise environment.

"Your wing will be able to see the signal - regardless of distance - as long as they are in super cruise in the system; they can use it just like a wake and drop down to your location."

Another element of the Wings update is a camera tweak Adam was interested in which lets you take screenshots of your own ship. The functionality comes via the unlocking of a debug camera. As Frontier say, "This isn’t a gameplay camera and is purely a debug function to allow players to see their ship."

Also listed for inclusion are a diagnostics repair-reboot function to allow on-the-spot basic repair of broken modules (at the cost of cannibalising other modules for parts) and chat commands to let you better direct your communications.

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