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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has launched its new spacefeet adventures

Time to stretch your legs, Commanders

Who needs a space fleet when you have space feet? That's right, after all those alpha test phases Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has officially launched, giving the gift of legs to your Commanders. With the new expansion you can explore all those planets you've been flying past by logging plants, sneaking through settlements, and trading shots with other Commanders in PvP conflict zones.

As we've been hearing about for a while, Odyssey is adding a few different activities for you to getup to once you've stepped out of the cockpit.

"Disembark your ship at the nearest port to meet with new on foot mission givers and gear up with your favourite specialist suit and equipment, to be ever ready for any challenge that lies ahead," Frontier say. "Team up with your most trusted crew, or head out alone across stunning new environments, with complete freedom in first person from a 'through your eyes' perspective."

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Brendy played the Odyssey alpha when it was partway through and seemed generally hopeful that it would wind up a good time. The space guns were apparently only alright but exploring planetary settlements on foot is more worthwhile.

"These settlements are like the bases you could previously shred in your SRV (your space jeep)," Brendy explains. "Only this time you're on foot. At my first mission destination, I eventually died to the whizzing moonbullets of an industrial goon. But I enjoyed running around in the dark at the frozen temperature of -250 degrees celsius. Scuttling away from the flashlights of guards and pressing every button on my suit in a panic as I tried to remember where I put my electric juice box. That opening moment of finding your feet, physical and metaphorical, is reminiscent of the vanilla Elite, when you're learning the ins and outs of spaceflight and pushing buttons to see what happens."

You can catch the full patch notes for Odyssey over on Frontier's forums.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is out now on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Frontier's store for for £30/€35/$40.

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