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Elite: Dangerous Faction Wars Begin With Powerplay

Them's fighting words

"Everybody wants to rule the world" sang Tears For Fears years before Gary Jules... no, Monday is too early in the week to go Gillen. People are certainly lining up to rule the galaxy, though, with the release of the Powerplay update for Elite: Dangerous [official site] on Friday.

Powerplay adds a new persistent element of galactic conquest, a bit like EVE Online's corporate warfare and territory control but under the direction and banner of NPC factions.

You can pick from a selection of factions to sign up with. Maybe you want to judge their methods and agendas, or want to join the biggest gang, or take down the biggest gang, or simply like one faction leader's haircut. Factions get new objectives missions each week, voted on my members, and taking part helps your faction win and expand their influence. Some factions are more warlike, while others are happier fighting economically. Gaining status within a faction brings rewards and a bigger say in what the faction does in future.

Here, this guide helps explain the differences between factions and how some of Powerplay's systems work.

Update 1.3 also brought a load of other additions, changes, and fixes, as detailed in the patch notes. New things include ships, drones, and mining options.

If you're an Elitist and had a bash over the weekend, what do you make of Powerplay?

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