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Epic Citadel: Get In My Browserface

Epic MegaGames has just released the Epic Citadel Unreal 3 tech demo for web browsers, and it only works with Firefox. I only keep Firefox on my PC for the RPS CMS. Trying to write this site in Chrome doesn't work for me, with all the links being stripped out in every post. So Firefox survives, which means I can walk around the castley polygons of Epic's oldish tech demo in my browser! Does that mean Wordpress is really an installation of the Unreal Engine? I'm going to unscientifically say 'yes'. Let's test it out with the Translo-

-cate Mutator. Cool! Hmm. That would explain John! He has the BigHead Mutator switched on.

That was totally a zing. It's both technically impressive and strangely clunky. It was originally a tech demo for Apple's Tabslatelutely Phabusl8te, so the bells are there but not the whistles. It's a bit flat, but it's also the Unreal 3 Engine being all up in my browser. You can either take a guided tour through the Citadel, grab the controls and go on a wander to explore the nice sights and the terrible sound transitions.

I don't know what level of proof of concept this is, other than Epic trying to prove the power of HTML 5 and the Unreal Engine, but I can only hope this means we'll soon be seeing Jill of the Jungle return to it's rightful position.

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