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Valve Hack CTF Game?

UPDATE: PC Gamer UK got Robin Walker to come to their server and show off his super-dev-rocketlauncher. (See below.)

So this is weird (and old, apparently, so this can be retro news: "Remember the news last year? Ah, they really knew how to reblog stories back then..."). In a match between mod developers from HL2CTF and Valve Software a moment of near-magical source code cheating was seen. Steam forumite palehorse864 reports: "I heard Gman's voice saying "Rise and shine Mr. Freeman" and every player's view changed as Valve "transformed" into their superhero personas. A title came up giving the Valve employee's name and their alter ego, and they then changed into that alter ego, gaining several powers. One had a rapid fire rocket launcher and infinite health, another turned into a living combine plasma orb and rushed around touching everyone and vaporizing them, the scoreboard went nuts as the points climbed constantly in Valve's favor, even with no flag caps."

There's a video that apparently shows this happening below.


This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.


This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

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