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Scavenging A War-Torn City In Escape From Tarkov Video

Can you survive?

Do you like guns? Do you like guns that realistically jam on you because you scavenged them in a war-torn Eastern European city and you had no other choice because people were trying to kill you and you had to defend yourself? Well that's kind of what Escape From Tarkov [official site] is all about.

Last week, some of developers from Russian studio Battlestate Games hopped onto YouTube for their first ever livestream to dig into the atmosphere and complex systems of Escape From Tarkov. The parallels to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and its sequels are pretty obvious, but Escape From Tarkov is aiming to translate all that hardcore shootyness into a hybrid-MMORPG.

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If you have an hour and a half to spare, you can watch the archive of the livestream above. In the video, the developers showcase some of Escape From Tarkov's ridiculously granular gun customization, including the ability to remove or modify components of your weapon in order to affect how well they function. There's also a good deal of shooting, and if you're a fan of the more realistic and intense firefights found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Escape From Tarkov looks promising.

Okay, but I swear Escape From Tarkov isn't just a ripoff of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. From the looks of things, it's taking that foundation and adding a great deal more customization and features, including an RPG progression system where you level up and unlock new skills. It's not quite clear how the nuances of multiplayer will work, but Escape From Tarkov will feature perma-death and several modes including 10 story-based scenarios that can then be revisited to roam around and scavenge for loot. When asked in an FAQ thread on their forums if Escape From Tarkov could be completed alone, the response read: "We do not intend to make an offline single-player campaign, though anyone is free to try and clear the game alone, without help from partners in co-op."

However it all ties together, we won't have to wait too long to find out since Escape From Tarkov is due out later this year and will cost $44.99/34,99€ for the basic preorder package.

There's also this more action-packed trailer from 2015:

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