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Welcome To Eternal Night Vale

But where's the glow cloud?

Always trust victory. Only ever trust childhood. How could you trust what you can always see?

Welcome to Night Vale...

[doodle-de-doo! doodle de doo doooo. doodle de doo! etc etc]

Which is my way of telling you that there's an Eternal Night Vale show creator which came out of ProcJam* thanks to Kate Compton. (The Sheriff's secret police are NOT investigating.)

It's a great little tool which condenses the tone and main elements of the show into just a few paragraphs. It's only really effective the first couple of times because you rapidly realise only a few elements are changing so it's closer to a text version of those children's books where you flip bits of an image to make mix and match animals. Except with illegal spiders and a weather section.

Speaking of which - and now, the weather...

Eternal Night Vale is definitely worth a peek if you're already fond of Welcome To Night Vale. I think for outsiders it won't make much sense at all, though. I'll probably load up the page every once in a while as I wait for new episodes to become available.

Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.

*Oh, to hear Cecil Himself say "ProcJam"

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