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Pollinated: Eufloria Expanding Into RPG Universe

The Eufloria universe, the game series surreal strategy enthusiasts will remember as That Thing Wot Was Probably Once A Dream Jim Morrisson Had In The '70s, is expanding with a new RPG game based on the now-dead Eufloria Adventures.

It's fittingly called Eufloria RPG [official site], a game in which you command a ship which can plant colonies where it travels. This is being developed on the old Eufloria Adventures engine by series slatwarts Omni Systems Limited, along with a little crew known as Tuna.

Players will explore their way across three enormous worlds, turning alien artifacts into weapons and transforming defeated bad duudes into energy used to evolve your ship.

“Because Eufloria has been such a huge success for our studio we have been able to keep our heads down and work behind the scenes on some huge games. It has taken a long time to get them to this stage, but we think it was worth it," says Omni Director Rudolf Kremers in a prepared statement.

On that note, this isn't Omni's only game in the works. The team is toiling away on two new games, both for PC and both featuring a nice cyberpunkian vibe: Neopolis [official site], which they're calling Akira Meets Blade Runner, and Starlit: Colony [official site] - "a love letter to the “golden age” sci-fi of the 1970s and 1980s, dressed in a beautiful metroidvania suit."

"While we love Eufloria games, we are completely committed to developing new IP. This is why we spent years and most of our resources developing these two new games," added Kremers.

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