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See Games With Your Face At EGX London In September

And then drink beer with your face

We tell you these video games are real, but what do you know? "Yeah, Alien: Isolation is so scary," we tell you, while tittering behind our hands because we know there's a rocket launcher by the lava pit in level three. "Oculus Rift yeah? It's magic," we say. It's not. It's a miniature head-mounted lunchbox made for people with bad memories who forget their sandwiches the second they're out of sight. What do you know? You don't know any better.

Your own eyes may learn some truths and uncover some lies in September at London's Eurogamer Expo (or EGX London 2014, as it's gone 'cool'). The first part of its lineup is now announced, including the likes of Alien: Isolation, Evolve, Battlefield Hardline, and that handy Oculus Rift.

Hit the announcement for the not-full-but-as-full-as-it'll-get-just-yet list. Also confirmed are the likes of Tom Francis's Heat Signature, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Mike Bithell's Volume, and local multiplayer murderfast Gang Beasts. The most exciting games for me, though, are the treasures I've never heard of before that will inevitably be in the indie Leftfield Collection. They always are.

The whole shindig's in London between September 25 and 28. I assume many of your fellow RPS readers will convene in a pub around then, if you like pubs or people too.

In the interest of full disclosure, EGX London is of course organised by the same folks behind EGX Rezzed, Eurogamer owner Gamer Network. RPS has an affiliation with Rezzed which frankly I don't understand as I had yet to merge with the Hivemind when it was arranged so I missed all the paperwork and everyone knows hive minds aren't retroactive. We're Media Partners, I believe is the technical term. Hark at us.

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