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Eurogamer Extend MMO Coverage

Our journo-chums over about Eurogamer have launched a new MMO channel, with the intention of talking about the business, the online dungeoneering of millions, the space-war making of thousands, and the other stuff a few other people do in these online worlds. No more release-date review and the odd feature for Eurogamer: they're going to point an unblinking info-eye at the MMO world and extract every drop of data. Channel editor Oli Welsh says:

MMOs are different. They work in a different way, you play them in a different way - and you pay for them in a different way. We at Eurogamer believe that our coverage of them should be different too, hence this new MMO channel.

First and foremost, the reviews can't be set in stone. We're not going to do one review of an MMO when it launches and leave it there. We'll come back to all the major games at regular intervals, offering re-reviews that update you on the current state of play, advising you on whether it's time to jump in - or time to leave.

He starts off with a friendly pat on the back for the all-too-comfortable World Of Warcraft. I'll be awkwardly trying to hug Eve Online while it kicks me in the guts in a couple of weeks time.

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