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EVE: Valkyrie Will Probably Sell A Million Oculus Rifts

Remember that Eve Online Oculus Rift dog-fighting game that Brendan had a peep at in April? CCP were very coy about it, stating it that it was a prototype, and even hinting that it might never see a wider release. Well, it turned out when they were saying that they were also wearing Oculus Rifts, so we couldn't see the winking that was going on. This is the biggest flaw of the Rift: the subtle interplay between journalists and winking developers collapses when you can't see eyes. Anyway, CCP have realised this and set the record straight at Gamescom: it will be coming out, it'll be released in 2014, and here's a bloody trailer of EVE: Valkyrie.

The "VR" part suggests that this might be the first time a major studio is supporting the Rift as the prime release platform, as opposed to it just being supported. That said, I can't see why this dog-fighting game can't also be released for people without expensive headgear. All it would need is a modifier button to move your head about, a bit like holding the Alt key in the Arma games. Please make it so, CCP! Please!

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I'm usually pretty scathing about tiny trailers, but this is exciting. To offset the 45 seconds of action, I hunted down a few more videos for you. Here's a slightly longer look at the prototype.

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And if you have a Rift, I'm told that you can watch this demo on one. I am surprised it works like that.

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2014 is the year of the Valkyrie.

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