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Every new trailer from day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective E3 2021 stream

Including the Sable release date

How do I love you reader? Let me count the ways. 1) I have rounded up all the new trailers from the Guerrilla Collective stream tonight, The second official night of E3 2021. 2) I refer you to point 1; that should, quite frankly, be enough for you. This doesn't cover everything shown on the stream, but it is everything that had a new trailer with bits we hadn't seen before. There are also some surprises in there, like a release date for Sable - finally! - and reveals for new weirderies like Firegirl, Demon Mirror and Arietta Of Spirits.

Keep an eye out on all our news to stay up to date with the main reveals and streams, and don't miss our other round ups either. So far we've got all the news that's fit to print from tonight's Ubisoft Forward stream, all the games from Netflix's Geeked Week, Geoff's Summer Game Fest, and a breakdown of Double Fine's Day Of The Devs. There are just so many games! And judging from the Guerrilla stream, they're showing no signs of stopping.

Aragami 2 - new trailer

It's a third person ninja assassination game where you can turn actually literally invisible, along with other Shadow Powers with a bit of a Dishonored vibe to them. This trailer takes us through some of the final details of powers and combat, but if you want a longer look the devs have put an extended version on YouTube.

Firegirl - new game reveal

Firefighting seems to involve more than just fighting fires these days. Firegirl is a 2D action/puzzle affair where you have to try and save all the civvies at every emergency scene. You can also use your high pressure hose as a jetpack. Shove that in your pipe and smoke it, health and safety.

Batora: Lost Haven - new trailer

This cool-looking action RPG has environmental puzzles that you can solve, as well as twin-stick hacking 'n' slashing in a bunch of locales from deserts to snowy caves. There are also boss fights that frankly look too difficult for me to even attempt.

Grime - new trailer

A dark, atmospheric RPG about what it's like to be in a relationship with Elon Musk teaser trailer that didn't give much away, but had a weirdly erotic/intimate vibe. This is apparently the opening cinematic to the game, which is a metroidvania where you control a sentient black hole.

Akatori - new trailer

A 2D action platformer, announced a few months ago and now giving us a bit more of it in action with this new trailer. Mako switches between two different dimenisons, but I'm mostly interested by the character design. I love that enemy using an umbrella as a weapon.

Archvale - new trailer

Topdown bullet hell dungeon crawler with an RPG angle that kind of feels a little bit old school Zelda, a little bit Robin Hood. Coming later in 2021, but the devs have a whole load of nice devlogs on their official channel if you want to see more.

Hunt The Night - new trailer

Another top down dungeon crawler, but this one's 16bits are more Castlevania (or maybe even Bloodborne) flavoured. There are statues weeping blood, and a tree that also appeared to be weeping blood. And dang, some of those bullet-hell boss designs are pretty sweet. It's set in a world where humans are threatened with extinction every night time, at the hands of nasty monsters.

Black Book - new trailer

This is about being a young slavic witch, and although a big wodge of it is about fighting demons with your spell book, another part of it is the Granny Weatherwax bit. As in, villagers will come to you with problems and you have to decide if their windmill really is haunted by a mould imp or if they just need to stop storing their flour sacks in a damp cellar. I had a crack of the demo at one of the Steam Fests and found it to be: good.

Demon's Mirror - new game reveal

"Battle your worst nightmares" in a deck building strategy game that also appears to also have some side-puzzle elements that look match-3 esque. One for Slay The Spire fans, I think.

The Light Of The Darkness - new trailer

Side scrolling is in vogue, it seems. Here you're a strange angelic being with big wings, really sad eyes and a huge arsenal of weapons. Your very existence seems to greatly vex the trailer narrator.

Slime Heroes - new trailer

A kid-friendly adventure wherein a slime (or two, if you're playing co-op) battle bad slime in the form of bigger slime monsters, with magic powers and weapons that appear to be formed from your slime body. You know the bad slimes are bad because they're red, right? This looks almost too cute for words, honestly.

Demon Turf - new trailer

An action platformer in a 3D hell world with 2D demon sprites. This whole thing looks like it was built for speedrunning. Edders played the demo at last year's Steam Autumn fest and he really loved it, so although this new trailer was mainly to confirm it's coming to PlayStation consoles, it's not a bad thing to be reminded that this is going to be kicking around soon.

Arietta Of Spirits - new game reveal

Arietta is visiting her grandmother's cabin for the first time since said nice old lady's death, and this turns into an adventure game with slashy combat and the ability to see "mysterious spirits." All I got after mine died was a lamp.

Unmetal - new trailer

2D top down stealth action game where you play Jesse Fox, a man who was locked up for a crime he didn't commit. This game seems to exist entirely to be a meme-y parody of Metal Gear, in both form and tone. So.

Wolfstride - new trailer

This trailer was only a minute long but it was the most awake I have felt this entire weekend so far. It's a simple, relatable RPG about three friends and their giant mech battles. Yes m8.

Sable - new trailer and release date

Sable is that extremely beautiful desert exploration game from Shedworks, like living out Luke Skywalker's Tatooine farmboy years. It's been in development for a while and everytime I see a new trailer it's like, "Yup, I see this is still gorge." Rejoice for, with this new trailer, we have been given a release date: September 23, 2021.

BATS - new game reveal

It stands for "Bloodsuckers Anti-Terror Squad" apparently. Very violent 2D action game with like, vampires and zombies and "gallons of blood", so that's nice. This trailer made me really hungry, I think because every screen had the colour palette of a different old-school sweet. Like Fruit Salads and Toxic Waste.

Death Trash - new trailer

Isometric post apocalyptic RPG that appears to be about meat. Like, a lot of meat. Everywhere. In all its forms. Some of the meat has a single, large eye. Alice0 is very excited for Death Trash. I mean, so are most of us to be fair.

Serial Cleaners - new trailer

A stealth action crime game about cleaning up crime scenes before any of the evidence is catalogued. This sequel to Serial Cleaner, which was set in the 70s and therefore had a lot of orange, looks way more spiffy than the original, but still has the satisfying "avoiding the vision clones of police officers trying to do their jobs" stuff at the core.

Raji An Ancient Epic - new Enhanced Edition reveal

Raji is a really cool isometric action RPG with really cool combat, all based on Indian myths and legends. An enhanced edition is a really cool development, and includes new game modes and "revamped gameplay features", which is pleasingly vague.

Despot's Game - new trailer

If the evil supercomputer AM from I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream made a tactical autobattler, I guess. Your choice of unit has a nice TABS energy to it, e.g. fridges as weapons. (Petition for fictional robots to be banned forever from using the term 'meatbag', starting now.)

Rawmen - new trailer

Rawmen appears to be a food-themed battle royale, with weapons such as ladles, giant meatballs, giant donuts. Giant things are a theme. You can also customise your avatar a lot, which is fun.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm - new trailer

PS1 lookin' first person game that sees you running a burger restaurant, which then suddenly becomes Five Nights At Freddy's. There's some kind of horror conspiracy involving demon pigs and a terrifying cow.

Trash Sailors - new trailer

Kinda looks like Don't Starve meets The Flame In The Flood, but also themed around ushing literal rubbish for basically all your needs. I don't know if it's environmentalist, but turning your plastic straws into guns is certainly one way to save the turtles.

Blooming Business Casino - new trailer

It's a management game along the lines of all of those management games, but in this one instead of a hospital or a zoo or whatever you run a casino, for animals. Particularly like the shot of a janitor having to mop up actual piss in the toilets. Genuinely, you can't have pissy toilets in your casino.

RoboDunk - new game reveal

Robots playing basketball! It's described as "NBA Jam meets Rogue Legacy", as you buy and upgrade robots, and then play some motherfuckin' basketall with them.

King Of The Hat - new trailer

This is a frantic party battle game where you're competing to be the last hat wearer at the end. Destroy your pals' hats and protect your own with your very life.

Venice 2089 - new trailer

Set in future Venice, in this you get to ride a hoverboard and go around corners. Unfortunately , much of Venice is now underwater due to climate change (and presumably giant cruise ships). Venice 2089 looks to be about trying to save Venice as well as recovering childhood memories.

Behind The Frame - new trailer

Gorgeous looking game about painting and drawing and art, with more Ghibli-style animation that I can never get enough of. I'm sure it'll have some meaningful story about how best to enjoy life or whatever, but I'm content for it to just be very pretty tbh.

Kitsune Tails - new trailer

A sidescrolling platformer that appears to be aimed at Furries in that the characters are brightly coloured foxes that are then sexy humanoid foxes in cutscenes. I'm being mean - it actually looks really cute, and is inspired by the Japanese legendary fox creatures of the same name.

Arcade Paradise - new game reveal

A lowfi arcade management game where you convert your dad's laundromat into the moneyspinner of the future. You also have to play the games that you purchase. It's in first person and it seems you may have to spend time scrubbing toilets as well. Genuinely. You can't have pissy toilets in your arcade.

E3 2021 may be over but our memories live on - see everything on our E3 hub. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, leading up to Gamescom, so see our summer games stream schedule to stay up to date.

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